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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the prime ideas that a content writer needs to focus on, to make their content rank higher on Google. It is the backbone of Digital Marketing. With the birth of Google, it has been right on top for any queries on the web. And if your content appears on the first page of the search page, awesome…. You can be ready for a substantial number of hits on the page. Well you might be wondering, why only the first page? Well that has something to do with the Human Psychology. The attention span is less and on the go result is demanded without much of clicks. We view a result on the first page and prefer extracting info from those listed pages. But the big question is “how I rank on the first page?” A broad answer would be employing SEO effectively. Quality content is definitely the need for ranking better, but if the world does not know how good your content is, then quality can’t be the only factor to rank better. So to bring you writings upfront we need SEO. Google is still with honesty and if the features, keywords, demand and quality are tied-up together, there is no stopping. Optimized content with time is going to be a good source of passive income for you.

Passive Income in this context is, the income which keeps flowing even when we are no more working on the content but it’s still up and running for visitors.

It mainly focuses on driving customers or visitors to your website whenever they search for particular products or services that your website provides. It also enforces credibility for other customers, visitors or websites to recommend you or your website by tagging you or providing link to your website in their social media posts. Thus, in order to drive traffic to your website, you may go with

  • On-page SEO,
  • Off-page SEO, and
  • Technical SEO

What is on-page SEO?

On-page SEO simply focuses on the content that exists on the page of the website whenever you research about keywords for determining their search volumes. It simply focuses on how you intend to answer questions for readers so that your pages are put at zenith in the search engine results.

What is off-page SEO?

It simply focuses on all the activities that are undertaken off-page in order to optimize your website effectively so that again it appears in the top search results.

What is technical SEO?

 Its deals with optimizing the back-end of your website.  It simply provides support to the backend of the pages like CSS file optimization, structured data and image compression. It is the most important one as it ensures the fastest loading speed of your web pages in the search engines, so that visitors can enjoy hassle-free and speedy access to information. It attracts most of the visitors to visit your pages frequently due to the loading speed optimization of your pages.

Identify the proper keywords for your content to make your website reach the pinnacle in the search engine results. It requires efforts and proper SEO process to make it possible & is the ultimatum for driving millions of traffic into your website.

Now, if we click on the first link shown in the image, then the page which will appear will show some contents. Those contents can be considered as On-page SEO. Now, if we click on the link and the page takes too long to open or if it opens, then we discover that the images are not properly compressed or visible, then we can say that the Off-page SEO and the technical SEO has not properly be done.  It’s totally opposite in case of good technical SEO where the loading speed of a page is optimum.

To have a hard working content fetch you hit, the highlighted points to note are:

  • Quality Content
  • Key-words
  • The headlines
  • Page loading speed
  • Google friendly pages – honest pages/uncorrupted pages

Quality Content

What is quality for Google?

  • Content that engages the readers
  • Content without any grey areas
    • Scam
    • Phishing
    • Adult contents
    • Mis-guiding contents
  • Stand out contents

But there are some additional points which may be considered. Well, you may not be too much into writing original ideas, possibly most of us are not, but incase you are, a content which is searched on web but not have a quality result in Google will definitely be a great addition. On the other hand, in general a content that stands out from the mass is what matters more to have a good headstart.


Although the quality may be optimized, but lack of appealing terms which are more searched on the web may bring the number of visits on your page down. So one of the initial tasks would be to insert the keywords in your article, and these inclusions should definitely not look out of place. For the initial part, you may put in the theme of your article as a search on Google and find out the most used keywords at the end of the first page of the search results. There are some paid websites which may definitely give you better results for the keywords, but you can spend on them later if you want, for beginners this trick will work fine. Remember, Google is getting smarter day by day, so make the appearance of keyword look natural and frequent to get the benefits.    

The headlines

What catches your attention in a newspaper? Most of you will agree that it’s the headlines. You check for the content after the headlines are appealing enough. Similar way our mind works on the web, the search engines captures those headlines as the title tags. It is usually a good idea to use some keywords in the tag, mostly in the first few words. Also, a shorter crisp title is always preferable and catchy.

You can get a number of articles on optimizing your meta description and title tags. Neil Patel has been an inspiration for many content writers. You can get a link on the details of SEO in the link https://neilpatel.com/what-is-seo/. The aim of this article remains to give a gist of SEO for on the go readers.

Page Loading Speed

Ever happened to you, well it does happen to me. I Googled a page and when finally I click on the link, it either hangs or takes a longer time to load. Most of us will go back to Google and not prefer visiting that site. We search for a better option, and this gives out the competitors an edge. These bounce back is considered negative by Google and you page ranking may drastically go down. A good way is to conduct a page loading speed test frequently and try to maintain it within 2-3 seconds. You might wonder, if you are a new bee, on how to achieve that. One of the successful techniques is to reduce the size of the images that are there in your website. Preferably have JPEG images ready and load them on the webpage after optimizing it from a site like http://jpeg-optimizer.com/. Ohh I forgot to mention, to tests the page loading speed you can use our very own Google site, https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/. You even get a score on how well is your site performing on speed along with a lot of analysis.

Google friendly pages – honest pages/uncorrupted pages

Anything considered negative on the web is strongly dealt with by Google and even black-listed at times. Pages dealing with scams and Phishing eventually get reported to finally get unlisted in the search page. So whatever your content is, you really need to make sure that it’s an uncorrupted and clean material with quality. In the real world, these virtues might not pay off all the time, but on the web hard-work does bring benefits most of the time. 

Since today’s world has shifted more towards the mobile screen than the conventional 14 inch, hence a mobile friendly viewing is also considered a major part of SEO. So you need to focus on that as well.

The article is aimed to give you a headstart with content writing/articles on the web to find relatable readers. There is so much to learn on SEO, but the real learning comes with experience. So in case you plan to be famous on the web and has the writer’s nag, then you may start right away. You may falter, but then that is experience and then the rise to success.


Blog Tandoori Special

4 Elements of digital marketing

What is digital marketing?

Do you people have ever seen ads or promotions of a brand online whenever you surf the internet. Like it’s very obvious that whenever we open a web page on a search engine, there are some automatic pop-ups which usually appear. Again, if we are using social media platforms like facebook, instagram, linkedIn, etc., we usually see various brands promoting their products in those platforms.

Thus, in simple words, digital marketing is the process of promotion or marketing of goods and services on digital platforms. It’s simply the replacement of the traditional process of offline marketing where people used to print ads, and even go door to door physically to promote their products and services.

Now, as the world has digitalized, we all have become net-savvy and depend entirely on our devices now-a-days, the trend of digital marketing has reached its zenith. Now, we don’t even want to step out of our houses to buy a product or gain some product knowledge about a particular brand before making any purchasing decision. Now all these are available online only as a result of highly growing digitalized markets. The chase of promoting brands online has forced companies to take effective decisions regarding how to promote products online and through which online platforms, so that the entire process can provide lead generations and success in the end. Now, for this very reason, it’s very important to know which method of digital marketing should be used by you to make your brand popular and generate traffic to your website. So, let’s focus on the different types of digital marketing.

The 4 elements of digital marketing includes:

  • SEO,
  • Email Content,
  • Social Media, and
  • Mobile

What is SEO? 

SEO is a vast idea which needs some technical expertise and understanding. Hence, we have a separate article on the same. For a detailed idea on SEO, you can click

What is content marketing?

Have you ever heard the phrase “Content is King”? Yes, off course you have. It simply emphasizes more on quality that drives maximum traffic to your website. Now, as per content, what do you mean? I mean to say quality content. Now, the answer is simple and straight, it should be relatable, engaging and knowledgeable and should give exact idea to customers or visitors about what you deal with. A popular content is simply quality oriented rather than quantity. It doesn’t matter what is the length of your content, whether it’s too long or short, all that matters is quality. Quality is the main tool that drives your digital marketing strategies. So, content marketing is all about creating and promoting contents in order to generate leads, customer interactions, brand awareness and traffic growth.  

Thus, the first thing that comes to my mind when talking about content marketing is creation of blogs, info-graphics and videos to generate brand awareness and promote the same. You Tube, the second largest search engine provides ample opportunities to people to use its platform to promote their videos. A recent study has confirmed that 75% of marketers have used video contents to interact with customers more effectively. Thus, videos are proven to be one of the ways to make your contents rank. Now, let’s talk about blog writings. Writing a blog and publishing the same on your website will help you to drive more and more visitors on your page. Blogs can be very effective in imparting valuable information regarding your website, what you do and what products and services do you provide. Blogs can be used as a hub of knowledge and your website can be considered as a valuable source of information to your visitors. So, make sure that the blogs are catchy and interesting so that people can’t skip your site without clicking it once.

What is a paid marketing?

The term is pay-per-click. That is, you can use this service to ensure maximum number of visitors on your website. It simply works on the principle of payment only after ensuring number of clicks. That is, as soon as your website or ad gets one click, then you need to pay otherwise not. These pay-per-click services appear on pages where you will see the ad coming up whenever you open a web page or visit a page. For example, whenever you visit a You Tube page and start playing a video, many ads come up in between the process. Thus, if you click in any of the ads, then you are unknowingly visiting the website from where the ad was sponsored. This is how pay-per-click works. It helps the sponsored websites to generate traffic to their site through the number of clicks and pay accordingly. PPC ads have proven to be very effective for different organizations which prefer paid search. You need to pay only when your ad is clicked. You can also put your ads on specific search phrases or some of the target channels like You Tube, Facebook, LinkdIn, etc.

What is social media marketing?

What comes to your mind when you think of social media? Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and many more, isn’t it? Thus, social media marketing simply means promotion of both your brand and content on those platforms. Social media is one of the strongest platforms where marketers can easily promote their goods and services and drive relevant traffic, increase brand awareness and generate possible results in the end.  Now, it’s not at all difficult for marketers to create a content and post on social platforms and get popular with every share. In fact, this kind of marketing has proved to be most effective as we all have become puppets of Facebook and other social media accounts, without which we can’t even imagine our life nowadays. We tend to search for a product and find reviews of the same and research properly on the social media platforms, before making any purchase decision. Thus promoting contents in these platforms has made easier for the marketers to drive maximum visitors to their sites.

What is e-mail marketing?

Emails are often used by most of the major companies to promote their content, business, and events or even to talk about discounts or directing people to visit their websites. Again, if you want to succeed in E-mail marketing, you have to make sure that your email content is trustworthy. People should trust you and this can only be possible if you make your email content more conversational than formal. Though you may not know the person to whom you are approaching, but it should sound like you are actually making a conversation with him and requesting him informally to visit your page once. Thus, this is how E-mail marketing works. Another point to be noted is that your email should be relevant to the subject or the topic you are discussing about. So, try to make it as conversational as possible. Just make them feel that you are just like a colleague to them and make sure you are being placed into them. Portray yourself to be coordinated and pleasant and across the channels, all that you need is effective mail marketing strategies.

What is mobile marketing?

It simply denotes the use of mobile devices to promote goods and services. It’s vital for marketers to understand how to communicate with customers on this channel. We all are already using various social media platforms to promote products. Now, if we download those social media applications on our mobile devices, then we can say that we are using the mobile marketing channels. We can use the SMS application also as a channel of mobile marketing on our devices. Thus, this is all about the different types of digital marketing and how these work. Off course, it is to be noted that finding the right method and implementing the same in your business can be the key to success.

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