Hornbill Festival


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Dawki, Meghalaya, India

Dawki is a small town in the West Jaintia Hills District of state of Meghalaya, India. The location is a tourist attraction owing to its scenic beauty and breath taking visuals of the planes of Bangladesh. The town borders the neighbouring country and is at a distance of 90 kms from the capital town Shillong.

Recording by : Samsung M31
Location : Meghalaya
Year : 2021

A trip to Dawki, Meghalaya, India

Hornbill Festival, Kisama, Nagaland, India

Hornbill festival – “Festival of Festivals” is one of the most celebrated events in the beautiful North eastern state of Nagaland, India. 12 kms from the state capital Kohima, Kisama is a Naga Heritage Village which attracts people from all parts of the world. The event happens every year from 1-10th December and marks a symbol of peace and unity of the tribes of the state.

Hornbill Festival, Kisama, Nagaland

Basics of Photography

A short video on the basics of photography using the pro mode of mobile phones. More upcoming videos on photography depending on the popularity. So do shower your good wishes in the form of likes, Shares and subscription to the channel. Do visit www.blogtandoori.com for more exciting content.

Basics of Photography
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