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Guidelines for guest blogging

Acceptable topics

In the process of disseminating meaningful knowledge and being a hub for online resource, Blog Tandoori will be thrilled to have you onboard and publish your written masterpiece on https://blogtandoori.com. We are currently accepting submission from guest bloggers. Please read the following guidelines before submission, and if the terms and conditions fit in your idea of blogging/writing, then we are eagerly waiting for a response from your end. All communications when approved after abstract submission by form must be emailed to guestblogging@blogtandoori.com.

Originality: We are accepting only original content free from Plagiarism (upto 15% is acceptable). You can check your content’s originality on online sites before communicating. Please make sure to include appropriate references for your content if and when applicable to avoid any copyright issues.      

Submissions being purely self-promotional for an individual/ organization is not acceptable.

Topics which you may communicate include, but are not limited to:

  • Education (Status report, non-technical for the general audience)
  • Book review
  • Sports analysis (A particular game, a popular sports etc)
  • Digital world (Mobiles, laptops, games etc)
  • Entertainment (Movie/series review)
  • Personal stories and/or experiences
  • Information Technology (online frauds, digital information, IT awareness etc)
  • Regional language (Stories or experiences in Bengali, Hindi, Nepali, Punjabi etc)

Topics other than listed may be enquired via email before communication.

Additional points to note

Audience: Our readers includes professionals to tech savvy individuals. Your content quality can definitely appeal to the masses and can motivate you to be a regular contributor for our blog.

Word Count: Blogs should have a minimum 1000 words. There is no upper limit to express yourself but we do expect a concise, crisp and appealing way of writing. A very essential point to note is that the readers who are not from the sector should be able to understand the overview of your written material.

Style: We expect articles written in standard English without grammatical errors. Grammatical errors may be checked using Grammarly online or installing a word plugin. Please ensure sufficient formatting (highlighting, bold, italics, bullet points etc) is utilized to generate an interesting readable content. For the regional language section, the typed content should be in the relevant script.

Format and editing:  All submitted content should be in editable word format. Font used should be Times New Roman of 12 pt size with 1.5 line spacing. Relevant image (with proper credit and source information) is expected to be included to make the writing appealing. Images must respect the dignity, values, history, religion and culture of the subject photographed.

Author bio: The blog post you communicate definitely belongs to you and will be published in your name. It will be your choice if you want to publish it anonymously, in your original name or pen name. A two-sentence description of your position and organization may be included aswell. While submission of the blog post, include name, a two-sentence bio. You may consider the option of including your social media handle, but the publication of the same will depend on the content of the article as decided by the short listing members of the website.

Submission procedures: Please submit an abstract of minimum 100 words of your blog using the form above. After a go ahead from our team, you can proceed with the article. Normally you can expect a reply within two days of communication. The publishing date of your blog will be communicated to you. Depending on the number of blogs we receive, the formatting time, moderation process and editorial timeline, the publication will be processed and content will be brought online anywhere between 2 to 30 days.

Republication: From an ethical, moral and offcourse copyright point of view we don’t expect the blogs to be republished in any form in any other platform.  

Payment: Blog Tandoori is unable to pay for contributed blog posts as of now. But depending on the popularity of the blog, we will consider remuneration in the future blog of yours. So what are you waiting for, start right away.

Disclaimer: Blog Tandoori retains the right to republish blog posts in any of our other publications. The website also reserves the right to decline to publish a submitted pitch blog post for any reason, including duplication of recent topics, the need for significant rewrites, pieces that are self-promotional, pieces that are discriminatory or offensive, or if the topic does not fit within our needs. We believe in a symbiotic relationship. After publication you are encouraged to promote the blog in your social media walls, websites, whatsapp group etc. We will also ensure that your blogs gets the attention and promotion it deserves.

Till then…

HAPPY BLOGGING – We are waiting for the writer in you.