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Top 4 Hindi Amazon Prime shows to binge watch

As the nations sinks into lockdown phase, work from home seems to be a phase of life. But what does not lockdown are OTT contents, but again some of the series available in such platforms seems to go into a same formula and the audience are fed in the same concept in a new package. The much hyped Susmita Sen starrer “Aarya” is the old gangster concept with a lady lead. “Sacred Games 2” was not gripping enough and “Illegal” was the same old court room drama. “Baarish 2” from a genre had the Ekta touch of pushing the same concept again and again.

But never the less there are still some series available which might interest you as it provides a sense of freshness. Here we are listing some of the series which you might enjoy during this tenure.

Breathe Into the Shadows

Episodes: 12

Abhishek Bachan always had the additional burden of carrying the name forward of legendary Amitabh Ji, but keeping it neutral, individually he has been a good actor. Be it Guru or Ravaan, Abhishek has done an appreciable job, but probably because of the expectations from the Bachans, some of his performances went unnoticed. Right up there is his role in this series. We are not in favour of giving away any spoilers, hence without revealing any part of the storyline, Junior B has done justice and a tremendous job as Avinash Sabharwal. His acting skills were very much visible specially in the finale episode. Nithiya Menen does not let us down aswell. After her role in Mission Mangal, the bollywood fans has definitely noticed her and she perfectly sinks into the role. Saiyami Kher after Choked, although a lesser promoted role fits into her character of Shirley. As and when and if it happens, the 2nd installment of this storyline might handover a pivotal role to Saiyami. We truly believe the Manoj Bajpai is right up there in the list of the most under rated actor, but Amit Sadh is not far behind. If you have watched Madhavan starrer the first installment of Breathe (this is what we believe, although the Abhishek starrer has been promoted as a new series and completely detached from the release in 2018), then Sadh’s acting skills are not hidden. We should definitely look forward to the role of Kabir Sawant played by Amit Sadh in the future.

A comparison between the 2018 Breathe and 2020 Breathe Into the shadows is unavoidable, but as a matter of fact the story lines are different and so are the actors except Amit Sadh and Hrishikesh Joshi (as Kamble). But in terms of being a gripper, possible the 2020 Breathe scores more despite having a 12 episode series of longer lengths compared to 2018 Breather 8 episodes of shorter lengths. We definitely expect more from Mayank Sharma, the director.

Blog Tandoori ratings: 4.5 stars

Paatal Lok

Episodes: 9

This is all together a new genre that is taking a lead in terms of thrillers. Although Asur is not listed in here, but Paatal Lok superficially belongs to the same idea. Both the series are brilliant in their respective ways. Jaideep Ahlawat playing the cop was a revelation as a lead. Neeraj Kabi’s acting skills are well proven and it added to the quality of the series. Abhishek Banerjee plays the role of the convict with ease. What remains interesting in the series is its title. Neeraj Kabi being a celebrated reporter residing in a mansion and being an influencial part of the society depicts the people of Swarg-Lok. The police lead by Ahlawat tackling the ground realities depicts the Dharti-Lok. The bad elements of the society, the under privileged, the one who are bound to be criminals and represented by the four characters who are being chased shows the Pataal-Lok.

But said the positive points, there are few questions left unanswered by the end of the series. But offcourse the viewers can have their own twisted conclusions. Possibly, some of the characters did not have enough background to grow a connection with. Attempt was made but Mary Lyngdoh or Kabir M did not had enough appealing scenes and the emotional quotient went missing. Nevertheless, the series is definitely worth a watch for the darkness it holds and yup some but not all episodes are edge of the seat watch.

 Blog Tandoori ratings: 3.5


Episodes: 8

Slowly but surely, Jitendra Kumar is making his mark and does have gathered some following right from the good old TVF days. Panchayat depicts the story off an engineering graduate who unwillingly lands with the job of a secretary of a Panchayat office in one of the remote village in UP, India. Without too much of background story, the story covers his day to day struggle with some sensible dialogues and decent comedy. Coming from the house of TVF with series like Permanent Roommates, Humorously Yours etc, we do expect the wittiness.

Raghuvir Yadav as always was phenomenal along with Neene Gupta. Not being from the edge of the seat thriller, still keeps you guessing about the protagonists next experience and the series is a must watch on you binge list. To add to it, definitely not a one time watch. What connects even better is how the Mr Tripathi (Jeetu Bhaiya’s character) connects with the villagers and ends the first season on a high by getting finally on top of the water tank base only to meet on what might be the theme of season 2, Pradhan Pati’s daughter Rinki. Expectations are that a season 2 will be made with more creativity and offcourse romance.

Blog Tandoori ratings: 4

Hostel Daze

Episodes : 5

A short series with a relatable hostel life, in case you had one. Well not all incidents fits in but definitely refreshing to watch another TVF presentation. The character of Jhatoo played by Nikhil Vijay is possibly the fun part. As Ankit played by Adarsh Gourav  enters a new hostel life, he experiences many aspects of college life, and it was potrayed effectively in the 5 episodes. Bullying by seniors, exam pressure, romance dreams, popular use of DC++ and friendship was all a part of the fun and frolic. When some of the series becomes intense and you need a light hearted comedy, Hostel Daze may be a good stop. The series is definitely not meant for family because of the usual hostel language and environment that is very much prevalent in reality aswell.

TVF has time and again delivered good entertaining series specially on YouTube but their venture into the premium platforms has not been bad either. Nikhil Vijay has time and again been a recognizable face on Youtube, maybe a bit far from Jeetu Bhahiya status, but the spark is definitely there.

Blog Tandoori ratings: 3.5

So get that worthy Amazon Prime subscription and start binge watching.


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