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Covaxin and Covishield difference

the main purpose and aim of both Covaxin and Covishield vaccines are same, that is, to remind and teach our immune system to form a protective shield to fight the deadly virus. However, the only difference between the two is related to its formation, that is, both are formed in a different way.

Pulse Oximeter

We are discussing the points we should be concerned about, before purchase or use of a pulse Oximeter. It’s basically a medical device that is used to measure the count of oxygen level in human blood. This device gives us the appropriation of the level of oxygen we are taking in from air that gets into the blood through our lungs. One can easily use this pulse oximeter by clipping onto their fingertip.

Talk of the month

In conversation with Dr. Shantu Saikia of St. Anthony’s College, Shillong, Meghalaya on the topic of “Career in Physics”. With an experience of more than 17 years in the field of education, Blog Tandoori feels the talk has definitely something apt for its audience. Do revert back to incase you need our free career guidance on a career in Physics 

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